Orissa is in the South-Eastern part of India.

Orissa is a land with rich social and cultural history, well known for its exquisite temples, enchanting natural resources, beautiful handicrafts and charming Sambalpuri Sarees. 

Unfortunately very few know Oriyas have a distinctive cookery and their food habits are different from people living in other parts of India. We have some delicacies which are never presented to the world and we are making an effort to present some of the delicious and healthy food of our motherland.

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Here is a picture of peculiar Oriya Thali (Plate) during breakfast. Isn't it  mouth watering ?? So go ahead and look for many more ...

We categorize Oriya dishes into following. We'll add more recipes every week so please visit us time and time again ..

Pitha (Cakes)  Mitha (Sweets)
 Bhata (Rice Dishes)  Breads 
Tarkari (Curries)  Dali (Lentils)
Bhaja (fries) Besara
 Khatta (Sour Dishes)  Saga (green vegetables)
 Jalakhia (Snacks)   Non-Veggies
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