Sagas from Oriya Kitchen

Sagas are green vegetable and very healthy food.


Methi Sag


  1)  2 small bunch of methi sag (fenu greek leaves)
  2) 3 small tomato sliced into small pieces
  3) 7/8 vadi
  4) 1 small eggplant cut into small 1 inch sqaure pieces.
  5) 2 green chilies
  6) 1 dry red chili
  7) 1/2 tsp.  mustard seeds
  8) 2 tsp. oil
  9) salt to taste
  10) coriander leaves


  1) Wash the methi saga properly  and then cut it  & keep aside.
  2)  Heat about 1/3 cup of water in a pan and add eggplant to it.
  3) Cover this for 5 mts and then add methi sag and little bit of salt. Cook it for 10 mts and then keep aside
  4) Heat a fry pan in medium flame & add tomato and salt and little bit of water and make a thick paste.
  5)  Add the tomato paste made in step 4 to the cooked sag in step 3.
  6) Heat a fry pan and fry Vadis in a little bit of oil till they turn brown.
  7) Add this to sag in step 5
  8) Again heat a fry pan and add 2 tsp. of oil and then put mustard seeds, green chilies and red chili
      and allow them to splutter
  9) Then add sag to the seasoning (in step 8) and mix it properly.

Add coriander leaves and serve with rice.

 Kosala Sag Bhaja

Contributed by   Jhili   of Cary, North Carolina


  1) 2 bunch of Kosala sag
  2) 1 small potato
  3) 1 small onion
  4) 1 small or half of a eggplant
  5) 2 cloves garlic crushed
  6) 1 dry red chili
  7) pancha phutana or just mustard seeds
  8) 1tsp oil
  9) salt to taste


  1) Wash the Kosala sag properly and cut it and  & keep it aside.
  2) Cut  Potato, eggplant & onion to small pieces
  3) Then heat a pan in medium flame & add cut vegetables with a
  little water
  4) Then after sometime add the cut Sag ( be sure not to add any extra
  water ) then add some salt to taste & cover up the pan for next 4/5
   5) Heat another pan & add some oil in it . Then add the panch
  phutana , dried red chili & crushed garlic then the boiled sag . Fry it
  for 1 more minute .

  Then your Sag is ready for saja pakhala ( water rice ).

Piaj Sag Bhaja (Green onion fry)


 1)  2  bunch of  piaj sag (green onion)
  2) 1 potato pieled and cut into small pieces
  3) 1 small onion cut into small peices
  4) 1 green chili minced
  5) 1/4 cup of corn seed (optional)
  6) 1/2 tsp.  punch phutana seeds
  7) 1 tsp. of oil for frying
  8) 1/2 tsp. of turmeric powder
  9) 1/2 tsp. of coriander powder
  10) 1/2 tsp. of red chili powder
  salt to taste


  1) Wash the green onion properly  and then cut it into 1 in pieces & keep aside.
  2)  Heat a fry pan in medium heat and put the oil
  3) After the oil is hot add punch phutana seeds and green chilies into it.
  4) Once it splutters add onion and fry it until turns red.
  5) Then add potato, corn seeds, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, salt
  and fry it until potato is half-cooked
  6) Then add green onion and fry it for 5-6 minutes

Your dish is ready to serve with rice or roti.

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