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    Contributed by   Saroj Mishra

    This recipe has been written to suit the ingredients available outside Orissa)

    2 lbs part-skim Ricotta cheese
    3 tbs Sooji
    13-15 tbs of sugar
     1/4 tsp of vanilla essence
    1 cup water

    1. Pour  all  ingredients  in a container mix it properly using a spoon or a hand blender
    2. Transfer the batter into it leaving about a 1 inch from top empty
    3. Pre-heat the oven at 350 F and bake it for 45-50mts till the top turns to light brown
    4. Cool it after taking out from the oven
    5. Then cut into peices like cakes and serve


    1 lb wheat flour (Atta)
    10oz jaggery or sugar
    Salt to taste
    oil or ghee for frying

    1. Heat a fry pan and 1tsp of ghee and add wheat flour and  fry until the flour turns brown and leave it aside to turn cold
    2. After it gets cold, add water to make a good dough like puri or roti
    3. Roll it like thick roti and make small sirni (3-inch diamond shaped pieces)
    4.  Heat oil in a fry pan  and fry the sirnis pithas prepared in step 3
    5. Heat a fry pan in medium heat and then put some water with  Jaggery until it
    becomes a thick chasni (syrup)
    6. Add the fried sirnis of step 4 to the chasni and stir it properly until it becomes dry

    Contributed by   Nibedita Swain  Los Angeles, CA


    Carnation Dry (Non fat) Milk Powder - 3 Cups
    Self Rising Flour - 1 Cup
    Heavy Whipping Cream - 473 ml
    Sugar - 3 Cups
    Corn Oil to fry


    1. Mix the milk powder, flour and cream into a smooth dough
    2. Divide and prepare the dough into small balls
    3. Heat oil in a pan
    4. Deep fry the balls in slow heat
    5. Heat another pan in medium heat and put some water with sugar until it
    becomes a thick syrup
    6. Put the fried balls to the syrup.


    Contributed by  Suman Samal of Reno, NV


    2 lbs Ricotta cheese
     Milk Powder - 1 Cup
    Butter -1/2 Cube
    Sugar - According to taste
    10-15 Almonds grated

    1. Heat a fry pan on medium heat
    2. Add  Ricotta cheese, Butter, Sugar, Milk Powder into
    3. Stir it continuously till the mixture is little thick ( SHOULD NOT BE TOO DRY OR TOO WET)
    5. When it starts getting golden brown remove the pan from gas.
    6. Then Spread it on a greased bottom surface ON A GREASED BOTTOM SURFACE.
    7. Let it cool for few minutes and then cut it into 1.5 inch square pieces and put it in the refigerator

    When cold  and ready to serve  garnish it with grated almonds

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