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Hello Everyone!!

Here is my first month Report!!

I was ready with my first month report on 26th August itself but the webmaster (my dad) was kinda slow in putting in the website.

I'm Perfectly Healthy

So is my mom. It was quite a transition for me. From the dark, warm womb to the bright georgeous world. I opened my eyes and looked around .. man it's much more charming than I was told ..I never liked to be wrapped over .. I just threw away the blankets .. it's August in Seattle and it was warm man .. 

I gained some weight but still I'm slim and now I'm 21 inches long..

I made a lot's of Doctor's visits and I showed them how loud I can scream when I'm not handled properly

I had a lot of visitors and I got a lot of presents. I liked everyone. Thanks for taking time to visit me or giving me presents and we really appreciate it 

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