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About Me

Papa asked me to give my introduction 
Though he knows I'm now busy in deglutition;

I just sleep, eat, cry and scream Sometimes I get scared by a bad dream !!

I love grandma's massage everytime
I enjoy staring at my Grandpa when he starts whistling

Everybody calls me "NISTHA", I don't know why 
Whatever you tell me I'm not shy ?

I heard Papa telling someone 
"Nistha means Dedication" 
But I understand only my Mom's love and affection .

In the nusery the nurse pulled out my chart and remarked "This is Nistha Panda"
Then I knew I'm  Daughter of Renuka and Debu Panda

I finally conclude here and you please take care
I can't read so please do send  emails to  my Father, this site's   webmaster  !!